Digital Score Pad

Replacing that scrap of paper and pen you can never find when you need it!

Latest: Digital Score Pad 1.1 Update!

Not every great board or card game has an equally great way to keep track of the score. Rather than searching around for a scrap of paper you can use this app!

Digital Score Pad allows you to:

– Quickly create score sheets from a number of players and start score (for those games that don’t start at zero).

– Simple, clear to read, and easy to use interface for increasing and decreasing a player’s score including input for large changes in score.

– Create, save, and edit custom score-sheet templates with customised player names for regular groups. For example, if you and a group of friends regularly play games together you can create a template with the number of players, start score, and set names ready to go!

– Save the final scores of the current game to your history log so you can compare this score to the next time you play that game.

– Dice rolling tool. If you cannot find a die to use for a game you can use this to roll random dice rolls. Supports all common dice (4, 6, 8, 10, 20, etc) plus a menu for custom values.

– Random first player chooser tool.

– Summary of current scores. Single button press in game brings up a summary of all players and current scores while in game.

– Option to include a round counter.

Bellow are a few screen captures of the app.

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